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Apr 21, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

We have said it before but it is worth saying again: reading the hundreds of applications we receive for our annual Women of In-fluence awards is a humbling experience. Nominee after nominee is highly credentialed, not only with industry experience, but she also has typically donated generous amounts of her time to volunteer activity. We look forward to this issue all year long but as we go through the decision-making process we can’t help but feel just slightly less-accomplished by comparison. Or to put it in a more positive way: the women in this industry rock!

We like to think that our annual Women of Influence issue is a tracker of sorts and it is clear from countless applications, numerous conversations and our own observations that more and more women are finding a seat at the table. And I don’t mean to leave our male counterparts out. This year we are also acknowledging men who are diversity champions as part of our special recognition awards. We know that true diversity cannot happen unless it is a group effort. We hope you enjoy reading about your colleagues’ accomplishments on the following pages.

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