There Has To Be Something More

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Today, February 15 marks my 15 years in business! The song that changed my life was listening to Jennifer Nettles on the radio “Something More” and knew I had to take a chance in starting my own business and having no regrets in life. It was a tough decision to leave corporate America (Brinker Int), a 6-figure income and all the free food at Chilis to pursue my entrepreneur dreams and goals. I was working at Brinker developing more than 50+ Chili’s/On the Border restaurants from the ground up. I learned how to handle any hurdle developing raw land (every property had one), present my case and get through P & Z and City Council approvals, hire the best consultants and how to open 15 projects a year. I was even crowned “Pepper Queen” for the first time ever obtaining approval in Dallas for the large red chili pepper at the entrance by the City of Dallas City Council and Mayor. What really made me make the decision is when I met with a Landlord and found out how much he was making off each ground lease deal. We ended up being partners for four years and on my first deal did a flip of commercial land and made more on that transaction than working an entire year at corporate and the rest is history. First job ever I still look forward to Mondays! I have learned a lot of lessons owning my own business and wanted to share a few:  You must do what is best for you. No corporate job is secure.  If you are not waking up on Monday mornings loving your job, you are in the wrong one!  You must take chances in life. Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is gone.  Think BIG. It is the same process if you do a $200k deal as it is a $20 million deal.  Hire an assistant early. Do not do the $10 work or that is what you are worth.  Be well known for your niche and be the go-to person. Become an expert in something you love.  Follow up. Write letters. Pick up the phone and make calls. This will make you stand out.  Just ask. If you don’t ask you will never know.  Give back and help others who want to learn. Are you considering starting a business? Follow your dreams. Have no regrets when you go to your grave. Now is your time. As Nike says, “JUST DO IT!” Had the fabulous opportunity to meet Jennifer Nettles backstage at her concert in Dallas on July 20, 2018. Pam Goodwin Goodwin Commercial
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