I’ve been in the commercial real estate industry for more than 25 years now and, as CEO and founder of Goodwin Commercial, I have worked with 70 plus city jurisdictions throughout the US. I’ve learned over the years that the more hats you wear or at least understand, the better you are at meeting your client’s ever changing needs.  What’s the old saying…”When all you have is a hammer – you see everything as a nail.”

Through Goodwin Commercial, I bring the whole toolbox – as a developer, broker, and consultant involved in a wide variety of real estate activities, including Tenant and Landlord representative, site selection, feasibility and due diligence studies, governmental approvals, geotech and environmental services, design coordinator and construction project manager of retail properties. All of these hats better prepare me to stay ahead of this industry and bring new ideas to clients.

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I’m known for my expertise in maneuvering through obstacles and knowing who to call – and when – for a project’s success. Having the right architect, land planner, civil engineer, landscape architect, geotechnical engineer, environmental consultant, transportation consultant, market researcher, legal counsel, title company, mapping consultant, and aerial photographer can save your project time and money, because you hire the individual and not the firm to get the job done.

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