36 Tips Learned From Hanging Out With The World’s Most Successful People at Women’s Leadership Live!

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To achieve change, you need to do things differently. That’s what happened when I experienced the first inaugural conference for Women’s Leadership Live (www.womensleadershiplive.com) in Irving, TX this weekend. Not every day can you hang out and have interaction with a billionaire and a few millionaires but had the opportunity to really get to know the three founders over the last year (shown with me in the picture above) with Linda McMahon the co-founder and former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Debbie Saviano a social media design strategist and expert in online influence and Stacey Schieffelin founder and president of ybf Your best friend) built the #1 global cosmetic line in direct sales on HSN with over $225 million in cosmetic and apparel sales. The conference was a full three days with the overall theme being “Prepare to share POWERFUL!” The time was well spent hearing conversations from top women and men business owners sharing their journey with failures and successes. I can honestly say this was the best conference I have ever attended and life changing! Look forward to the next one in October, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. No matter what you do for a living, we all share something in common and want to be successful. Here are 36 success tips I heard from some of the most successful and renowned people:
  1. Every successful person has failures – both personal and in business.
  2. Learn from athletes that fail every day and get back up.
  3. You only have one life so make the most of it every day!
  4. Follow leaders on Facebook – Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Sheryl Sandberg…
  5. You got to Own it to Win it!
  6. Self-confidence is money in the bank!
  7. Have a vision board because if you see it you will believe it.
  8. ABC of most successful people – Attitude Believe Commitment
  9. Be real and you will succeed.
  10. When selling you need to talk more about the problem than the solution.
  11. What separates your product or service from the rest? What is unique?
  12. Selling has nothing to do with sales but how is it going to help someone?
  13. Use the word “you” and not “I.” You will find this….. You will……. You can buy with confidence….. You are getting something that is time tested….
  14. Write a handwritten note to stand out.
  15. Stay in your lane and do what you do best.
  16. Never stop learning.
  17. Build relationships.
  18. Communicate how you solve the problem.
  19. Everyone has a number – what number keeps popping up for you?
  20. Talk about the benefits about your product or services.
  21. Be a giver in your community.
  22. Anything and everything is possible.
  23. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!
  24. Get rid of negative people in your life.
  26. Get rid of all your distractions and focus on your top goal to succeed.
  27. Self-care is key to success!
  28. Passion, vision and persistence will get you everywhere!
  29. You meet people for a reason in your life.
  30. Don’t be afraid to think really, really BIG!
  31. You can have balance in your life, but not at the same time.
  32. Know when to let go when it is not working and move on.
  33. Always have a positive attitude.
  34. You have to work hard!
  35. Follow your gut!
  36. Take time to exercise and breath.
Find A Way! Never, Never, Never Give Up! Pam Goodwin Call me at #214-929-9013 www.pamgoodwin.com @pamgoodwinCRE
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